Autoimmune Protocol – Health Coaching (AIP)

It’s not just about Diet, it’s about the right Lifestyle, Exercise, Stress Management, and Sleep. It’s a personalized plan, that we can help you uncover. We want to give you all the tools to discover just what your body is telling you. Find out if food is triggering reactions, in a methodical, tested protocol. AIP is about adding in nutrient dense food, supporting the mind, resting and moving the body in a gentle way, and healing the gut. Learn more about AIP.

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AIP – Autoimmune Protocol Pillars

Sleep and Stress Management are Pillars of the AIP

The Paleo Diet is Gluten Free and gut health friendly.

Stress Management is an important part of gut health. Breath Work is a great tool to help with Stress Management.

Reflexology: Intro
Reflexology can be a great way to decrease stress, and is used as an adjunct therapy to assist with symptom management.

Stress management is a Pillar of the AIP. Reiki and Energy Medicine are great ways to manage stress.

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What makes Holistic RI different?
We are a true collaborative. We integrate our approaches, have regular educational meetings, and share insights. We all share the same records, so when you see more than one of us, we can help you in a cohesive way.

Welcome to our team
Our team consists of a nurse, an herbalist, an ordained spiritual counselor, a massage therapist, health coaches, and reflexologists. Behind the scenes we have informatics, business management, compliance, and an anthropologist. We will soon be adding a nurse practitioner and a few other surprises, so stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter.