Our founder has Celiac and is passionate about teaching other Celiacs about staying well.  Holistic RI offers individual / couples education and Health Coaching sessions.

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Celiac Pearls
The website mentioned in the video is the Gluten Free Watchdog

AIP – Autoimmune Protocol Pillars

Better Sleep can be a great way to improve gut health

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Gut – Skin connection

This means that I changed what I put on my skin, but I also changed what I put in my mouth.  Let me explain… 

Children at home and gluten

Play Dough and finger paint are fun activities that many of us grew up with. Come to find out many of these products contain gluten. Read more

Celiac Cross Reactivity

Gluten is a large protein molecule. This molecule has similar sections as other protein molecules
Read more

Stress Management for Gut Health

Stress management and gut health

Celiac Support Group

Holistic RI also offers free support groups online, and in Wakefield, RI, for those looking to meet in a group setting.  These groups are for anyone with Celiac, or with a loved one who has Celiac and would like to learn more.  Please sign up to attend.



Being Gluten Free – The basics

Available in Wakefield, RI, and ONLINE virtual classes
Sit down, and go over the basics of being gluten free. We will talk about how to avoid gluten, and places it might be hiding. We will also talk about approaches for social situations. This class is ideal for anyone that is interested in being gluten free, and/or autoimmune. All are welcome to attend single or multiple sessions. Every class will be unique and encourage participation, and questions.
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Being Gluten Free – Advanced

Available in Wakefield, RI, and ONLINE virtual classes
Join our discussion on bringing your health to a new level. Anyone interested in topics such as Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), cross – reactivity, eliminations diets, and how to add foods back in can benefit from this class. Participation and questions are encouraged. Each class in unique, and encouraged to attend as a series.  Please have a basic understanding of gluten to attend. We also offer a Basics level course.
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Proactive Autoimmune Lifestyle and Food

Do you have Celiac or another autoimmune disease? The autoimmune protocol and functional medicine together can turn things around.

Autoimmune Health Coaching (AIP)

It’s not just about Diet, it’s about the right Lifestyle, Exercise, Stress Management, and Sleep.  It’s a personalized plan, that we can help you uncover.   We want to give you all the tools to discover just what your body is telling you.  Find out if food is triggering reactions, in a methodical, tested protocol.  AIP is about adding in nutrient dense food, supporting the mind, resting and moving the body in a gentle way, and healing the gut.  Learn more about AIP.  Call (401) 300-5010 or book a Free New Client Phone Consult ONLINE

Celiac Camp

Do you know a child that has Celiac? Check out this amazing experience! Camp Celiac

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The National Celiac Association