We are a collaborative practice, dedicated to serving our local and online community! Read about our office on the East Side of Providence here

What makes us different?
We are a true collaborative. We integrate our approaches, have regular educational meetings, and share insights. We all share the same records, so when you see more than one of us, we can help you in a cohesive way.

Welcome to our team
Our team consists of a nurse, an herbalist, an ordained spiritual counselor, a massage therapist, health coaches, and reflexologists. Behind the scenes we have informatics, business management, compliance, and an anthropologist. We will soon be adding a nurse practitioner and a few other surprises, so stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter.

for the community
We offer classes on health and wellness, being gluten free, Celiac Health, Breath work, stress management, meditation, women’s wellness, and the Autoimmune Protocol.
Online Series – Back Pain and Back Health, Get to Know Your Body: a series for women, Health Optimization Practices, Being Gluten Free, Celiac Wellness

for practitioners
We offer Advanced classes for Reiki practitioners and Reflexologists to further your practice.

Reiki Share
This is free for all Reiki practitioners. Come join a supportive healing group. We will all have time to give and receive the gift of Reiki.
Preregistration required.

Clean Ups
We are involved in environmental cleanup projects. Want to join us? Just ask!

Celiac Support Groups
We offer celiac and gluten free support groups for persons dealing with celiac, and their loved ones.