COVID Precautions

Hello Everyone!

We have installed an ultraviolet HEPA filter for your health and safety.

If at any point you are feeling unwell please call us so that we can cancel your appointment. We will be asking our therapists the same as we do not want anyone getting sick. Here are some guidelines that follow DOH recommendations

– Masks are to be worn by both parties at all times. We have provided disposable paper masks in the event you forget a mask.

– Face work or face touching is not permitted at this time

– We are asking clients to wait in the car until the time of their appointment and not to use the waiting rooms.

– We ask that no extra belongings are brought inside

– We are not allowing use of the waiting room

– We have removed reading materials such as magazines from common spaces

– We have replaced the carpeting and cleaned the blinds

– We have sanitized and relocated oils and lotions to the closet, keeping a minimal amount of decor in the room

– We are not offering aromatherapy, or crystal therapy at this time

– We ask both parties to wash hands and use sanitizer frequently, including before and after all appointments.

– We are not offering drinking water at this time

– All door knobs and touched surfaces will be wiped down between clients

– We ask clients to book appointments online or by calling

– We have provided contactless payment: Apple Pay and google pay along with credit cards. We will not be accepting cash or checks.

If there are questions or suggestions that you have Please do not hesitate to reach out any time.