COVID Precautions

Hello Everyone!

We have installed an ultraviolet HEPA air filter for your health and safety. We have also invested in an ultraviolet equipment sanitizer. We take your health and safety very seriously.

If at any point you are feeling unwell, or have ANY symptoms please call us so that we can cancel your appointment. Here are our updated policies;

– Our ultraviolet HEPA air filter remains on at all times day and night

– We are maintaining strict sanitation protocols are utilizing our UV equipment sanitizer

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In-Person and Body Work Appointments

  • We recommend arriving a few minutes early to use the restrooms
  • For your peace of mind, all of our practitioners are vaccinated, but continue to wear masks for your safety and protection
  • Let us know: By all means let us know what your preferences are regarding pressure, aromatherapy, and the use of heat / cold therapy.
  • Ways to receive maximal benefit include; hydrating before and after, urinating before your session, remembering to breath during your session, staying present, using a salt scrub or taking a relaxing bath afterwards.
  • Some people enjoy writing or journaling after sessions while other people find that it may be a good time to meditate

If there are questions or suggestions that you have, please do not hesitate to reach out any time.