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Gemstones and Crystals

Anyone who has ever held a gemstone or crystal in their hands knows that each crystal has its own aura, or vibe. Crystals are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also energetically pleasing. We carefully select our stones with a multidisciplinary approach. Our team consists of Reiki and energy practitioners as well as an archeologist and mineral collector. Needless to say, our crystals are unique. Each stone is carefully selected. We select them for their mineral quality, and individual personality, if you will. We then energetically cleanse them, and Reiki charge them. Each stone is listed individually and is one of a kind. We hope to provide them with good homes.

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Interior decorators love plants and crystals. They can have a profound affect on the energy of a room. We love to use calming crystals on the nightstand, stimulating crystals on the office desk, and conversation pieces as dining centerpieces.


Crystals are extremely versatile, and can make a great gift for the person who has everything. Not sure what to get? Crystal quartz if always a safe bet for everyone, or purchase a gift certificate to Holistic RI, and let them pick their own.

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There is nothing like a classic black dress with a crystal pendant. Crystals can be worn as statement pieces, or to enhance your intuition (tigers eye is known for this). Some crystals are best work in specific places for a variety of reasons and we have taken care to keep all this in mind for you. Some things we keep in mind are the hardness of a stone. This means that you wouldn’t want to wear a soft stone as a ring, because it might crack. Soft stones are better as earrings from example. Another aspect is the energetic property of a stone. Very strong stones such as Herkimer are best worn as small stones. Don’t worry, we took all of this into account for you. All you have to do is take a peek at our exclusive selection.


Each and every one of our stones has been energetically cleansed and fully Reiki charged. This can be a great way to take home a Reiki Session. Our crystals can be used to create a calm healing aura in a room, or set a peaceful mood in your office. Many people also like to lay the crystals on them during meditation or relaxation, as a healing session. These gemstones can be used for everything from postop recovery, to at home Reiki sessions.

Crystals and Ayurveda

Ayurveda teaches us that our bodies are microcosms of the universe, and what is throughout is also within. The five elements exist with three combinations, also known as the doshas: vata (air/ether), pitta (water/fire) and kapha (earth/water). The preponderance of the doshas within each of us is as unique as our face or thumbprint. This knowledge allows for personalization, to create a unique healing experience.

Gemstones are a crystalline form of energy, which have been utilized in many cultures since ancient times. The crystals are used to attune us by influencing our subtle energy, and are thought to enhance good energy, reduce stress and cultivate happiness and peace. Yellow sapphire, emerald, pink pearl, red coral, rose quartz, garnet, topaz, citrine, jade, and turquoise are pacifying for Vata. Blue sapphire, emerald, white coral jade and opal are pacifying for Pitta. Ruby, blue sapphire, amethyst, and rose quartz are pacifying for Kapha.


Beginners Collection

If you or someone you know is new in the realm of crystals, we recommend starting your collection with a few basics. Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has a lovely soothing and nurturing energy. It is the stone of the higher heart. The higher heart is the spiritual heart, and the part that connects our soul to others. This stone is profoundly healing, and yet gentle. It can be worn all day.

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Crystal Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz itself has many variations. The most basic clear quartz is considered the master stone. It amplifies energy and helps us listen. For those that are new to listening to the subtle energetic body, this stone is invaluable. Crystal quartz is the stone of the crown chakra, and connects us to the universal energy and wisdom.


Amethyst might be one of the most popular gemstones around. This is for a good reason. Amethyst is the stone of intuition. It helps us connect to our innate knowledge, and the state of knowing. It can help us find our own path when we have lost our way, or our ability to listen to ourselves. It can also help those seeking external validation, to turn inward. Amethyst is the stone of the sixth charka, known as the third eye.

Crystal Curator Club

Looking to expand your collection? We have just the club for you. Our certified Reiki Master, along with our appraiser, mineral collector, and archeologist will hand select special stones, only available through this subscription. Receive a surprise crystal, with a written description every month. Select which level crystal you would like to receive. Be sure to select the monthly payment option to keep receiving fabulous new finds.

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