Foot Reflexology… that’s the foot massage, right?

“As an autoimmune disease person with anxiety issues, I found this profoundly helpful. I also started noticing that my bowels were functioning better and my sinuses drained... getting rid of that constant head pressure and groggy feeling. Can you say.... Ahhhh”

Insulin – a series part I

Part I - (Making The Molecules) We know we need it. We know we don't want to be resistant to it ... Does anyone know what insulin really is? Let's start with cells - there are little bits and pieces inside our cells called organelles. A very important yet INACTIVE molecule called proinsulin is produced … Continue reading Insulin – a series part I

The Power of Touch

 Stress is a factor The American Medical Association reported that stress is a factor in 75 percent of all diseases.   A study conducted by researchers at Duke University Medical Center linked the effects of stress to the weakening of the heart muscle. Touch Therapy Helps Therapeutic touch promotes relaxation, while affecting emotional, physical, and mental … Continue reading The Power of Touch