The Health Repercussions of Being Black in America

It is well established that simply being black places you at risk for developing health problems. What’s disturbing is that these risks are not necessarily genetic. These risks are due to living with a tremendous amount of stress. Many things need to change. Stress management is very important. Breathing exercises, singing, and meditation are all … Continue reading The Health Repercussions of Being Black in America

Black Lives Matter

It is important to step out of our own personal experience and realize that our reality may be very different from our neighbor’s reality. Let’s support each other in creating a supportive environment. Let’s realize that this country could use a reality check. Let’s realize that racism is very real and is not getting better. … Continue reading Black Lives Matter

Foot Reflexology… that’s the foot massage, right?

“As an autoimmune disease person with anxiety issues, I found this profoundly helpful. I also started noticing that my bowels were functioning better and my sinuses drained... getting rid of that constant head pressure and groggy feeling. Can you say.... Ahhhh”

Insulin – a series part II

Insulin – a series part II: What exactly does it do? Insulin lowers your blood glucose level by promoting cellular uptake of glucose.  This means that the glucose goes inside your cells, instead of hanging out in the blood stream. . Did you know? Diabetes type one and type two are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT... as in … Continue reading Insulin – a series part II

Probiotics Can Alter Your Cholesterol

A systematic review of the effects of probiotics on the lipid profile concluded that probiotic use is beneficial in improving your cholesterol.  This is amazing!   My thoughts on the data The systematic review explores how probiotics affect the Lipid profile. There are many non pharmacological factors that affect cholesterol such as exercise, diet, and … Continue reading Probiotics Can Alter Your Cholesterol

Celiac Cross Reactivity

When the body thinks that you are eating gluten, but you are not. Why would that happen? Gluten is a large protien molecule.  This molecule has similar sections as other protein molecules.  When proteins share sections that have a similar shape, they can result in the same response.  This is super tricky, because not everyone … Continue reading Celiac Cross Reactivity

Insulin – a series part I

Part I - (Making The Molecules) We know we need it. We know we don't want to be resistant to it ... Does anyone know what insulin really is? Let's start with cells - there are little bits and pieces inside our cells called organelles. A very important yet INACTIVE molecule called proinsulin is produced … Continue reading Insulin – a series part I

What’s all that racket?

What do inflammation, cellular malfunctioning, and a lack of creative juices have in common?... Creativity is born in quiet boredom.  As it turns out a little peace and quiet can do all kinds of things.  I don't know about you, but I'm super guilty of noise..  I'm a talker.  What's worse is that when I'm … Continue reading What’s all that racket?

What is a phthalate?!

Whaaat on earth is a phthalate... and why should we even care?... First I should say that the official verdict on these chemicals is not yet out.  Next I will say, that some people appear to be more sensitive than others.  Lastly, I will say that the seem to be everywhere!!!     What is … Continue reading What is a phthalate?!

Wiggle Room (because nobody’s perfect)

Want to cheat.. or just simply can't live without? Perfume Baby Wipes Hand Sanitizer Febreeze Perfume  Here's the compromise I've made... I am not into phthalates, however sometimes I like to wear perfume.  Brands I indulge in when I really want perfume; Phlur and Skylar.  Both are gluten free! Did you know that inhaling gluten … Continue reading Wiggle Room (because nobody’s perfect)