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Holistic RI is a wellness collaborative that is dedicated to integrative healthcare. We  encourage preventative practices, and hope to empower and motivate all through knowledge. Our mission is to improve the health of our community and our environment. We believe they are one and the same. We support environmental charities large and small.

Our clinicians have been working in holistic health for over 15 years. Our goal is to provide a warm, integrative, collaborative practice where practitioners have the opportunity to focus on their clients, and professional growth. Our approach is rooted in knowledge sharing and shared decision making.

We are looking to hire holistic practitioners. The ideal candidate is passionate about health and has the right attitude and desire to help spread healing. We hold optional monthly rounds for education, and explore case studies.  Our care model is based on practitioner collaboration, and knowledge sharing.  We believe that continuing education is the key to fueling a passion for what we do, and creates a nurturing environment.  Practitioner trading is highly encouraged.  

We are passionate about organic products and green living. We have a stainless steel water purification system and use eco and allergy friendly products.

We have a green initiative, and fund environmental charity. We believe that the health of our planet effects the health of our community. We have partnered with local environmental groups to make RI and MA a healthy place to live.

Safe Space
We feel very strongly that all individuals have the right to feel safe, and welcome. We make every effort to provide an inclusive environment. We feel strongly that all practitioners should feel comfortable working with clients of all backgrounds, and identities. We use preferred pronouns, and believe that every person has the right to self identify.

What makes us different?
We are a true collaborative. We integrate our approaches, have regular educational meetings, and share insights. We all share the same records, so when you see more than one of us, we can help you in a cohesive way.

Welcome to our team
Our team consists of a nurse practitioner, an herbalist, an ordained spiritual counselor, a massage therapist, health coaches, and reflexologists. Behind the scenes we have informatics, business management, compliance, and an anthropologist. We will soon be adding a few other surprises, so stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter.

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