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Inner Peace

Taking time to relax and center yourself can improve your interactions, and help you be present in the moment.


We use natural, gluten free, organic products. We believe in feeding your skin and your soul all at the same time.


Mindfulness practices and decreased stress can lead to better blood pressure, improved productivity, and improved quality of sleep.

Sleep and mood
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Reiki charged crystals Quartz rose amethyst
Crystal and Gemstone Retail Store
Each and every one of our stones has been energetically cleansed and fully Reiki charged. This can be a great way to take home a Reiki Session. Our crystals can be used to create a calm healing aura in a room, or set a peaceful mood in your office. Many people also like to lay the crystals on them during meditation or relaxation, as a healing session. These gemstones can be used for everything from postop recovery, to at home Reiki sessions.


“new found even higher, heightened level of awareness”

“I have had over a dozen treatments from Carolee and it is a special treat every time. She has a therapeutic touch, it’s so relaxing. An added plus – I learn something new. She is extremely knowledgeable.”

“I never thought that there was actually such an incredible place, with holistic practices tailored and focused as they are, to the individual. Blessed to have found you. Sat Nam”

“I absolutely LOVE Claudia. She is so kind, attentive and does an amazing job! I will gladly keep coming back to her again and again!”

“Just great caregiving services. I suffer from Heart Disease, Fibromyalgia, PTSD and Hormone issues. This therapy has helped me deal with physical and emotional pain.”


While Reflexology feels similar to massage, it is a unique therapy with its own separate education, certification, theory, and practices.

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We are a wellness collaborative of massage therapists, nurses, reflexologists, and holistic health practitioners

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