“When the client is leading their own healing process they are empowered to make lasting changes in their journey toward consciousness and health.”

Mission Statement
To improve the quality of life one individual at a time, by encouraging engagement in preventative practices. We hope to empower and motivate through knowledge.

About Holistic RI

We are a Holistic (comprehensive) Resource and Information website.    This website and company was founded to serve the public, and encourage self awareness. Our hope is to serve you on your journey, as a trusted resource.

Staying informed is central to autonomous client care.  Health care practitioners in this care model encourage clients to make their own educated decisions.  Asking questions can be a great first step.

When referring to health care, holistic refers to all aspects of a person.  Holistic health care acknowledges that mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health are all interconnected and important.

Integrative health care brings “holistic” to a whole new level.  Each individual is assessed holistically, and then given a team of multidisciplinary professionals to implement care.

These disciplines vary from practice to practice, and often include;allopathic/western medicine, nutrition, Ayurveda, yoga, massage, acupuncture, talk therapy, physical therapy, reiki,  meditation, breath work, reflexology, hypnotherapy, fitness and exercise consultations, laughter therapy, sound/music therapy, and guided imagery.

Taking Care of Yourself
“Take care of your self first. When you are not well, you can not serve or fully love others. The mind of the depleted person is never satisfied. It is not selfish to care for one self. When self-care is motivated by a concern for the quality of your relationships and the quality of your service it is self-less” ~ Dr. Marc Halpern

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