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When you are leading your own healing process, you are empowered to make lasting changes in your journey toward consciousness and health. Let our practitioners help you uncover your story, and discover your best self.


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Wellness is multifaceted, and you have a unique story. We want to sit down with you to help you unpack that story in a meaningful way, so that you are able to uncover your journey towards health and wellness. We talk about past wellness, present wellness, and your goals. We then take a multifaceted approach. In health coaching we address wellness pillars such as sleep, environment, connection, diet, stress, and resilience. In Mind and Spirit counseling we offer ways to better uncover your true self, including Shamanic Journeying, Spiritual Guidance, and Depth Hypnosis.

Health coaching helps you learn new ways to stay well, and specializes in ways to integrate new patterns into your life.

What makes us different?
We are a true collaborative. We integrate our approaches, have regular educational meetings, and share insights. We all share the same records, so when you see more than one of us, we can help you in a cohesive way.

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Our mission is to improve the health of our community and our environment.  We believe they are one and the same. Your patronage makes the world a better place. Your support donates to environmental cleanup projects, environmental charities, and the purchase of green products.

Health Coaching

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle
Specializing in Health Optimization. We offer a monthly membership to assist you in implementing changes to achieve your goals. We specialize in education and behavior change. 

Why do people try Health Coaching?
Some common reasons include
Forming New Habits and Adjusting to New Lifestyles
Gut Health, The Gut Brain Connection
The Autoimmune Protocol
Looking to Improve Sleep
Looking to Improve Productivity

Available as one-on-one memberships, group coaching sessions, and workshops

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Health Coaching

Sit down with our certified health coach. We will discuss health goals, diet, lifestyle, sleep, and wellness practices. We will create a care plan with sustainable practices to improve your daily quality of life. Available to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut residents. Book Online

Initial Visit: is a discovery session in which the coach will get to know you, and engage you in a thorough intake process. This session will end with a shared decision plan.
Follow Up Visit:
is a session in which the coach will engage you in a discussion about your health goals, and get started on your plan. Your couch will provide education, answer questions, and assist you in welcoming new habits and patterns. These sessions are guided by you and your goals.

What is Health Coaching?

Coaching involves forming a partnership, holding space for the client based on trust, non-judgement, and the utmost positive regard. We use our coaching skills to help clients achieve lasting change by empowering clients to discover their own motivation, inner wisdom, and strength.

The client is their own expert and the coach will not tell you what to do. Instead the coach will ask deep questions and offer reflections to deepen insights, self learning, and challenge stories and beliefs that may be keeping you stuck.


Does a health coach tell me what to do?
The short answer is no. A health coach absolutely can share information and make suggestions upon request The most important element to coaching is:
– Helping the client uncover thoughts, beliefs that are keeping them from reaching their goals
– Help them shift their perspective so they can feel good about themselves and move forward
– Help them see their strengths and inner resources
– Asking deep questions that help clarify and explore thinking, behaviors, and values
– Shining a light on something the client cannot see for themselves.

How is coaching different from therapy?
Health coaching and therapy do share some similarities, but there are important distinctions between them. Mental health therapy consists of licensed professionals who diagnose and treat individuals experiencing emotional, mental, psychological issues or distress. Coaching does not focus on the past. The emphasis is on what is possible in the present and looking toward the future. Coaching supports clients in mobilizing internal strengths and external resources, and developing strategies for making sustainable behavior change.

How might coaching help me reach my goals?
Working with a health coach can have a variety of benefits. Some take action that they never thought was possible, or overcome sticking points. Others may see a shift in mindset that helps them take an important next step. Another may discover how to make lasting change that was previously unsuccessful.

Health Coaching Membership

Wellness coaching at Holistic RI is offered as a membership, to help you establish new patterns and habits. We start you off with an initial appointment to uncover your story, and establish goals. Following the initial appointment, we keep you on track with a plan of 2 hours of coaching per month. We request that all clients commit to a six month time period, as we hope to assist in gradual, but lasting changes.

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