8 easy steps to better flavor and improved digestion

Soaking your nuts

“who doesn’t love a nice warm soak?”

Soaking nuts is a great way to improve flavor, and make nuts easier to digest

  1. Pour nuts into glass container
  2. Fill with warm water and a tablespoon of pink salt (enough filtered or spring water to cover the nuts)
  3. Allow to soak overnight (or eight hours)
  4. Strain and remove skin
  5. Repeat 1-4 (optional)
  6. Season with herbs and spices. (optional) We like pink salt and cumin
  7. Dehydrate or dry in the oven on very low, until the nuts are completely dried
  8. Enjoy!

Please let us know how it goes and share tips!

The Power of Touch


Stress is a factor
A scientific study by the American Medical Association reported that stress was a factor in 75 percent of all diseases.   A study conducted by researchers at Duke University Medical Center linked the effects of stress to the weakening of the heart muscle.

Touch Therapy Helps
Therapeutic touch promotes relaxation, while affecting emotional, physical, and mental well-being.  Therapeutic touch creates positive chemical and electrical reactions within the body, encourages the release of endorphins, and activates the body’s self healing abilities.