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Celiac and personal care products

For those avoiding gluten #celiacs Lipstick has gluten?Unfortunately lipstick commonly has gluten containing ingredients!Check your brand! What’s amazing is that this applies to all kinds of products!– Shampoo (you can’t tell me you’ve never once gotten it in your mouth!)– Toothpaste– Hair products… don’t touch your hair while you eat?– Lotion– Makeup– Perfume– Mouth Wash–Continue reading “Celiac and personal care products”

Celiac Cross Reactivity

When the body acts as though you are eating gluten, when you are not! Proteins are very large molecules, and can sometimes have similar parts as each other. POSSIBLE GLUTEN CROSS-REACTIVE FOODS:amaranth,corn,dairy proteins,millet,oats,potatoes,quinoa,rice,sorghumSource: DR. SARAH BALLANTYNE, PhD“(Note: instant coffee and brewer’s/bak- er’s/nutritional yeast have been identified as gluten cross-reactors in one study but it isContinue reading “Celiac Cross Reactivity”

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