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Stress Relief

Reflexology is a great way to relieve stress that feels relaxing, and feels similar to massage. Reflexology can be very emotionally soothing. Frequently Asked Questions What is Foot Reflexology for?• Stress Relief• Deep Relaxation• As an additional therapy to help with symptoms of brain fog, tension, autoimmune symptoms, or gastrointestinal stress• It does not replace or interfere with…

The most profound thing you can do to lose weight and improve your health

One of the easiest ways to support weight management and healthy metabolism is to sleep!And improve your quality of sleep 😴 🌿😌😌 Sleep affects ….▪️gene expression▪️weight▪️mood▪️productivity▪️libido▪️hormone regulation▪️concentration ✨✨✨One thing to tryIs to reserve your bed forSleep and intimate momentsOnly …. When we train our brains that our bed is not where we work, read, write,…

Celiac and personal care products

For those avoiding gluten #celiacs Lipstick has gluten?Unfortunately lipstick commonly has gluten containing ingredients!Check your brand! What’s amazing is that this applies to all kinds of products!- Shampoo (you can’t tell me you’ve never once gotten it in your mouth!)- Toothpaste- Hair products… don’t touch your hair while you eat?- Lotion- Makeup- Perfume- Mouth Wash-…

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