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What makes us different?
We are a true collaborative. We integrate our approaches, have regular educational meetings, and share insights. We all share the same records, so when you see more than one of us, we can help you in a cohesive way.

Welcome to our team
Our team consists of a Nurse Practitioner, a Registered Nurse, an herbalist, an ordained spiritual counselor, health coaches, and reflexologists. Behind the scenes we have informatics, business management, compliance, and an anthropologist. Stay tuned for updates and sign up for our newsletter.

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Carolee V Nevulis, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner, Reiki Instructor, Master Reflexologist, Functional Medicine Provider

Carolee has a varied background ranging from Buddhist Psychology to Critical Care.

Over time she has adopted a transcultural approach to healing, drawing from a wide variety of body work, reflexology methods, and energy medicine. Carolee discovered holistic health at a young age in her quest to feel and be healthier. She developed a passion for the healing arts, and today practices Holistic Healthcare, Reiki, Reflexology, Celiac Education, and Health Coaching to help improve the health and wellness of others. Carolee studied Primary Care at Simmons University, and Functional Medicine at the Kresser Institute. Read more here…

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Sue Musso, BSN, RN

Registered Nurse, Functional Medicine Health Coach

Sue has been a critical care nurse for the past 30 years. Her career as an RN has been one of meaning and fulfillment.

“Caring for patients and supporting their families during their most challenging time is the piece that fills me with the most reward. I continue to explore ways to bring this into my professional life.

I have now ventured into health and wellness coaching. I am completing the Adapt functional health and wellness coaching program. Our behaviors and lifestyle play a huge role in our health and behavior change can be challenging. My hope is through coaching, I am not only supporting you as you take active steps toward your goals, but you learn about yourself along the way.

I am excited to support you as you uncover your inner wisdom, create new habits and goals, that will
foster the happy, healthy life you desire.”

Sue offers Individual Health Coaching Sessions online

Jo-Anna Cassino

Herbal and Medicinal Plant Consultations

Herbalist, Vitalist Approach, Botanic Providence

As an Herbalist, Jo-Anna strives to give a truly holistic experience to her clients, as she firmly believes that every person is unique and there is no “one size fits all” therapeutic approach. Jo-Anna utilizes a range of assessments, as things change and evolve. Her approach is rooted in a body of knowledge and tradition that has been used for millennia and passed down through generations of Herbalists across the world.

Jo-Anna has been a practicing Herbalist since 2005, and has attained multiple certifications. She continues her studies with various Master Herbalists here in the states, and abroad. She practices the Vitalist approach and is an ongoing student at The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Jo-Anna is the founder of Botanic providence, a plant based self care brand that also incorporates supportive herbal therapies. Jo-Anna’s goal is to create a safe space for healing, to support a lifestyle free of toxicity: both chemically and philosophically.

Jo-Anna offers Herbal and Medicinal Plant Consultations, Skin care, and access to her online direct dispensary

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Dee D’Atri


Certified Reflexologist

Reflexology Association of Rhode Island Board Member

Dee has a unique training and love of reflexology. Her experience is apparent in her integrative, clinical, and biological approach. She received her reflexology certification from the International Academy of Medical Reflexology & Medical Reflexology Clinic in Pennsylvania, from Professor Lorraina J. Telepo. Dee’s goal is to be a team member of her client’s care team, and improve quality of life through effective reflexology. She aims to alleviate stress as one of the root causes of symptoms and distress.

Dee offers Focused Foot Reflexology, and Organic CBD Reflexology

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Claudia Ainslie


Certified Reflexologist

Claudia lived in Germany for 12 years, where she experienced holistic healthcare. A person’s mind and spirit were treated as equally integral parts of health. She was able to witness the body’s natural ability to heal itself when given proper attention and care.

Upon returning to the US – that yearning to further explore holistic medicine remained constant. One day she attended an information night about reflexology, and the rest is history! She became a certified reflexology and has never looked back. Her goal is for every client to leave after a session feeling more relaxed and to help the client find balance with the body mind and spirit.

Claudia offers Focused Foot Reflexology, Complete Reflexology, Organic CBD Reflexology, and Ayurvedic Salt Foot Soaks

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Susan Friendson

Soul Guidance, Depth Hypnosis

Ordained Spiritual Counselor

Susan Friendson is a certified Depth Hypnosis practitioner, as taught by Isa Gucciardi at The Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley. She has studied various dimensions of spirituality for decades, recently adding yoga teacher certification, yoga therapy certification, and Yoga Nidra certification to her credentials. Her goals as a healer are to help people come to know and appreciate themselves for who they are, so that they may live as peacefully as possible.

Susan offers Soul Guidance, and Depth Hypnosis

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Behind The Scenes

Rory Nevulis

Business Manager
Rory has a degree in Business and a passion for helping others. Rory’s own experiences with holistic health have made him want to help others improve their quality of life. Rory’s down to earth perspective makes him a valuable asset to our team.

Duncan Ritchie

Purchasing, Gemstone Expert, Certified Appraiser
Duncan is an anthropologist, lifelong gemstone collector, and has a certificate from RISD in household appraising. Duncan’s lifelong fascination and love of minerals has brought him to appreciate stones and crystals on many levels. The many connections that Duncan has made on his journey allow us access to a great variety of unique and beautiful crystals.

Carolee V Nevulis

Clinical Educator, Informatics
Carolee has been working in holistic health for over 15 years. She functions as a clinical resource, and orchestrates behind the scenes administration. Her goal is to provide a warm, integrative, collaborative practice where practitioners have the opportunity to focus on their clients, and professional growth. Her approach is rooted in knowledge sharing and shared decision making.

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