Our Team


Shae Nevulis

Reiki, Energy Medicine

Shaelyn is a certified Reiki Practitioner. She initially sought out Reiki sessions as a way to help in her own journey with healing emotionally and physically. Quickly, she realized that she wanted to help others experience the incredible lightness and joy she felt every time she left a session. She understands that everyone is different, and on their own path to healing. She loves connecting with her clients, and intuitively adapting each session to their needs. Ultimately, Shaelyn wants to hold a space for you to find compassion, kindness, openness, and honesty.





Carolee V Nevulis 

Reiki, Reflexology, Celiac Health Coaching

Carolee has a transcultural approach to healing, drawing from a wide variety of body work, reflexology methods, and energy medicine.  Carolee discovered holistic health at a young age in her quest to feel and be healthier.  She suffered an array of health symptoms from Celiac (autoimmune disease), and found Reiki and Reflexology to help her feel relief, and decrease her stress.  She developed a passion for the healing arts, and today practices Holistic Nursing, Reiki, Reflexology, and Celiac Health Coaching to help improve the health and wellness of others.  Read more here…