Functional Medicine

We are very excited to work with you. We offer functional medicine to patients aged 18 – 60 at this time. Our functional medicine is offered as a membership, and requires a 6 month commitment. This is because functional medicine works upstream, and takes time.

Functional Medicine focuses on gut health while utilizing a holistic approach to wellness

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a root cause analysis approach. We keep asking why. We do also offer symptom management recommendations, however, we don’t
stop there.

We work to make gradual and lasting changes. It does take time and commitment on your part, and we want to support you in these efforts. To do this most effectively, the first 6 months of your journey starts with monthly visits with our nurse practitioner, and two hours of coaching per month with our nurse. After this time period, we will reassess and adjust accordingly.

Functional medicine works to create gradual, sustainable changes.  This takes time, and energy on the patient's part.  We incorporate nurse visits and health coaching in our functional medicine treatment memberships to help you work through multiphase treatment plans, and to help you form new healthy habits.
Lead with the Heart
Listen to the Gut

Functional Medicine
Health Coaching

Your functional medicine provider makes recommendations, and your nurse health coach helps you figure out how to create a new lifestyle to make health a reality.

During sessions your coach will ask deep questions and offer reflections to deepen insights, self learning, and challenge stories and beliefs that may be keeping you stuck.

Coaching involves forming a partnership, and holding space for reflection, non-judgement, and the utmost positive regard. Coaching can help you achieve lasting change through empowerment, and works to help you discover your own motivation, inner wisdom, and strength.

Your initial session is about setting the foundation of our work together. We discuss the vision you have for yourself. What are your desired goals, but also, how do you want to be in this ideal life. We work together to develop and pursue this vision, allowing it to unfold. Then create a plan and  steps to help you get closer to your goals and desires.

Your telehealth nurse visits will involve your nurse helping guide you through the testing process and functional medicine protocols while answering any questions that you may have. Your nurse will prov education regarding your diagnoses and treatment plans.

Your nurse is also a functional medicine heath coach. While some of your sessions involve assisting you with your functional medicine workup and treatment plan, a majority of your sessions will be spent as health coaching sessions. This is an essential part of your journey towards health. This is where you will explore your daily habits and barriers.