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Ancient techniques to ease the stresses of modern life. Each session is tailored to promote optimum balance. We use only exceptional natural and organic products that nourish your skin.



Energy medicine is one of the oldest and profound methods of healing.  It is a universal practice, and varies throughout the world in style and name.  The unifying principle is a feeling of peace, and being grounded.  Focusing on the present moment, taking the time to pay attention to our bodies, and the subtle nuances allowing us to nurture our Chi / Prana, also known as life force.  Our therapists have a variety of training and backgrounds.  We encourage you to try a few styles, to see which works best for you.

A gentle relaxation technique in which the power of touch is applied in harmony with the ancient practice of energy transfer. This ancient Japanese therapy restores a meditative state, allowing daily stress to melt away and enhance a state of balance. This energy therapy is available as one hour or thirty minutes. Your session may incorporate breath work, aromatherapy, smudging, crystal, and gemstone healing. While we do use quality organic ingredients, all of our therapies are also available as fragrance free sessions for anyone sensitive.




While Reflexology feels similar to massage, it is a unique therapy with its own separate education, certification, theory, and practices.

During a Reflexology session a variety of specialized techniques which feel similar to a combination of massage and acupressure are applied to reflexes to promote balance and mind – body integration. It is a relaxing way to promote your body’s natural healing abilities through nerve stimulation, while improving circulation and encouraging immune system balance. It has been practiced throughout the world in ancient cultures including ancient Egypt, China, India, and Native America. The name “reflexology” is a relatively new term, which is used to collectively refer to ancient methods based on energy, as well as newer methods based on neurophysiology.

Foot Reflexology

This therapy is a deeply relaxing footwork therapy, which applies specialized techniques on reflex points to revitalize the body as a whole. This stress relieving therapy encourages circulation, and restores a state of balance, enabling the body to heal itself.  This therapy is available as one hour focused sessions, or ninety minute complete sessions.

Heated Volcanic Stone & Gemstone Foot Reflexology
Organic Ayurvedic oils, and fresh herbal infusions are integrated into this healing session. Gemstones such as rose quartz, amethyst, garnet, fluorite, and ruby are used in harmony with heated volcanic stones to calm, relax, and apply deep precise pressure on reflex points on the feet and legs. This nurturing therapy is ninety minutes.

Women’s Health Reflexology
This therapy combines reflexes located on the hands, wrists, feet, and ankle. This relaxing, stress relieving therapy focuses on balancing yin energy, and includes organic Shatavari infused oil and aromatherapy. This therapy is 75 minutes.

Hand Reflexology
This relaxing therapy utilizes reflexology techniques to pamper your hands. Reflexology affects the body as a whole through the manipulation of reflexes located on the 2500 nerve endings in each of your hands. Reflexology provides stress relief, improves circulation, and assists the body in balancing, while relaxing the muscles in your tired hands. This therapy is one hour.

Ayurvedic Facial Reflexology
This stress relieving therapy applies ancient techniques to reflex points on the face scalp and ears. This technique is used throughout the world to promote circulation, anti-aging, and relaxation. During this luxurious experience organic herbal serum is applied, to nourish and pamper your skin. Warm towels, neem oil, aromatherapy, and cooled marble and gemstones are integrated into this rejuvenating experience. The cooled stones function as decongestants, pushing fluid and waste out of tense or inflamed tissue and promote cellular regeneration, while the warmth relaxes and soothes. This rejuvenating therapy is one hour.

Deep Tissue” Foot Reflexology
This predominantly Thai style of foot reflexology utilizes tools, and heated stones. This style is best for those that prefer deeper pressure, or walk barefoot and have thick soles. This style was developed when people did not commonly wear shoes and is performed in a traditional fashion. This therapy is one hour.


Prenatal Foot Reflexology
R & R for the mother to be – This method of foot reflexology aids lymphatic drainage, and reduces swelling. It is specially designed for expecting mothers and is in the comfort of a cushioned massage table with a pregnancy wedge.   Please consult your primary care provider before any therapy, especially when pregnant.



Women’s Thai Body Work
Thai Body work is an ancient holistic healing art. This is a gentle adaptation designed to balance female energy pathways. This body work has roots in Ayurvedic medicine, and works with life force known channels known as Sen. This body work utilizes these energy channels to release blockages, and enable the body to heal.

Thai body work is used to improve circulation, balance the immune system, increase flexibility, balance the body’s energy system, and integrate mind, body, and spirit for an overall feeling of well-being.
***This therapy is performed clothed.  Recipients should wear loose, comfortable clothing such as yoga clothing.  Not suitable for anyone with mobility issues or pregnant.



Each session is personalized and may include; Reiki, foot reflexology, facial reflexology, aromatherapy, marma therapy, gemstone healing, or hand reflexology. Parents are welcome to stay, and are encouraged to bring the child’s favorite blanket & relaxing music.

adult aged baby care
Holistic Health Services for Children


More About Our Health Services

We utilize ancient techniques to ease the stresses of modern life. Each session is tailored to promote optimum balance. We use only exceptional natural and organic products that nourish your skin. Our health services are based in Ayurveda.  We often include gemstones, and aromatherapy.  Please let us know your preferences.  Crystal therapy, Ayurvedic oils, and aroma are always included in pricing.

Ayurveda teaches us that our bodies are microcosms of the universe, and what is throughout is also within. The five elements exist with three combinations, also known as the doshas: vata (air/ether), pitta (water/fire) and kapha (earth/water). The preponderance of the doshas within each of us is as unique as our face or thumbprint. This knowledge allows for personalization, to create a unique healing experience.


Gemstones are a crystalline form of energy, which have been utilized in many cultures since ancient times. The crystals are used to attune us by influencing our subtle energy, and are thought to enhance good energy, reduce stress and cultivate happiness & peace. Yellow sapphire, emerald, pink pearl, red coral, rose quartz, garnet, topaz, citrine, jade, and turquoise are pacifying for Vata. Blue sapphire, emerald, white coral jade and opal are pacifying for Pitta. Ruby, blue sapphire, amethyst, and rose quartz are pacifying for Kapha.








*These therapies are designed as a complimentary therapy, and should never take the place of, or interfere with the care of a medical professional. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any diseases.  Like any complimentary therapy, you should always talk to your doctor first, and should not use it to replace or interfere with medical attention.  Specific health concerns should always be directed to your primary health care provider.