Stress Relief

Reflexology is a great way to relieve stress that feels relaxing, and feels similar to massage. Reflexology can be very emotionally soothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foot Reflexology for?
• Stress Relief
• Deep Relaxation
• As an additional therapy to help with symptoms of brain fog, tension, autoimmune symptoms, or gastrointestinal stress
• It does not replace or interfere with medical treatment

What is a session like?
• Relaxing, on a massage table, under blankets or sheets
• The amount of pressure applied is adjusted to comfort
• Many people fall asleep

What do I wear during Foot Reflexology?
• Socks and shoes are removed
• You can remain clothed otherwise to your comfort. Undergarments should always remain on.

How should I prepare for my session?
• No preparation is necessary. We will wash your feet with a steam towel or foot bath when you arrive.
• We do recommend using the restroom right before your session.

How many sessions will I need?
• Change takes time, and Reflexology is best utilized at regular intervals.
• This most ideal frequency would start at weekly, then progress to biweekly, and then monthly for maintenance.
• Persons with stressful lifestyles may find a benefit to more frequent visits and remain at a biweekly frequency.
• Most clients are able to notice benefits after a few sessions. If you have received four sessions within the past month and do not notice any benefit, you could try a different style of reflexology or a different modality. We are all a little different after all.

How are Reflexology and Massage different?
• The sensations and experiences are very similar
• The goal is very different
• The goal of massage is to affect the local area that is being worked in: a massage therapist works on soft tissue with the goal of improving mobility, and muscle tension.
• The goal of reflexology is to affect corresponding reflexes. There are spots on the feet that represent the intestines for example. A reflexologist works on a local body part such as the feet, hands, face, or feet. A foot reflexology session is spent working solely on the feet, yet aims to affect the entire body on an energetic level, to create harmony. This is similar in theory to how acupressure works.

Will my therapist be able to identify health issues?
• No. Reflexology is not a replacement for medical attention.
• Reflexologists do not treat or diagnose medical conditions.
• Reflexology is an adjunct therapy, which means it is used in combination with other therapies, to help them be more effective.

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