Stress Relief

Reflexology is a great way to relieve stress that feels relaxing, and feels similar to massage. Reflexology can be very emotionally soothing. Frequently Asked Questions What is Foot Reflexology for?• Stress Relief• Deep Relaxation• As an additional therapy to help with symptoms of brain fog, tension, autoimmune symptoms, or gastrointestinal stress• It does not replace or interfere withContinue reading “Stress Relief”

The most profound thing you can do to lose weight and improve your health

One of the easiest ways to support weight management and healthy metabolism is to sleep!And improve your quality of sleep 😴 🌿😌😌 Sleep affects ….▪️gene expression▪️weight▪️mood▪️productivity▪️libido▪️hormone regulation▪️concentration ✨✨✨One thing to tryIs to reserve your bed forSleep and intimate momentsOnly …. When we train our brains that our bed is not where we work, read, write,Continue reading “The most profound thing you can do to lose weight and improve your health”

Celiac and personal care products

For those avoiding gluten #celiacs Lipstick has gluten?Unfortunately lipstick commonly has gluten containing ingredients!Check your brand! What’s amazing is that this applies to all kinds of products!– Shampoo (you can’t tell me you’ve never once gotten it in your mouth!)– Toothpaste– Hair products… don’t touch your hair while you eat?– Lotion– Makeup– Perfume– Mouth Wash–Continue reading “Celiac and personal care products”

Children at play and Celiac

Children at home and glutenPlay Dough and finger paint are fun activities that many of us grew up with. Come to find out many of these products contain gluten. There are a couple issues with this. First is that this stuff gets everywhere and can cause contamination of surfaces for other family members. The secondContinue reading “Children at play and Celiac”

Celiac Cross Reactivity

When the body acts as though you are eating gluten, when you are not! Proteins are very large molecules, and can sometimes have similar parts as each other. POSSIBLE GLUTEN CROSS-REACTIVE FOODS:amaranth,corn,dairy proteins,millet,oats,potatoes,quinoa,rice,sorghumSource: DR. SARAH BALLANTYNE, PhD“(Note: instant coffee and brewer’s/bak- er’s/nutritional yeast have been identified as gluten cross-reactors in one study but it isContinue reading “Celiac Cross Reactivity”

Regulatory T cells

A great deal of immune and autoimmune health is focused on supporting regulatory T cells. Regulatory T cells regulate, or suppress other immune cells. You can think of them as the conductor of the symphony that is your immune system. How do you support regulatory T cells?Interestingly there is no magic cure for supporting regulatoryContinue reading “Regulatory T cells”

New YouTube Video

Reflexology Intro: Basics and your first session What is reflexology, what is reflexology used for, what are the contraindications for reflexology, what is a reflexology session like, and how to pick a reflexologist!​ Book Online…​ Retail​ Join Our Team​ Not medical advice. This is for educational purposes only. Always askContinue reading “New YouTube Video”

Chronic Pain

Factors contributing to pain and pain perception SittingSitting too long is one of the worst culprits. We often don’t notice until we try to get up and feel all those aches and pains. Ideally the longest anyone should be sitting is one hour. MovingMoving and stretching our body encourages our body’s natural pain killers. NotContinue reading “Chronic Pain”

The 7 Major Chakras

The chakras are energy centers. They are used to help guide Reiki and energy medicine sessions. Each chakra is associated with its own color, sound, location, body parts, and attributes. There are 7 major chakras, along with additional minor chakras.   There are used as assessments tools, as well as ways to keep your pranaContinue reading “The 7 Major Chakras”

The Master Stone | and all of its various faces

Gemstones are a crystalline form of energy, which have been utilized in many cultures since ancient times. The crystals are used to attune us by influencing our subtle energy, and are thought to enhance good energy, reduce stress and cultivate happiness and peace. Quartz is a highly spiritual stone and connects all the chakras. QuartzContinue reading “The Master Stone | and all of its various faces”

New Year’s Inquiry

Instead of a new year’s resolution, I have decided to upon a new year’s inquiry. This is to reflect, process, and discover. I would like to reflect on my current situation, how I got here, and where my trajectory is headed. I would like to process everything that has happened, and everyone that has takenContinue reading “New Year’s Inquiry”

Brain Power

Refocusing your attention and developing the ability to stay focused is great for your brain power. These practices are generally referred to as mindfulness practices. One of the most basic forms of meditation is simply sitting (or laying) and paying attention to your breath. When you notice that your thoughts are wandering, simply refocus onContinue reading “Brain Power”

Stress management basics

So I suppose that I should start with the basics that everyone knows but often overlooks. Granted they are super basic but we often forget about them because they’re so simple and yet they can wreak havoc when neglected.I often underestimate the power of a regular sleep schedule, nutrition, hydration, and outdoor sunlight. Yet whenContinue reading “Stress management basics”

Cleaning indoor air

As the season changes we spend more time indoors. It is important to be mindful of the quality of the air that we are breathing. Hypoallergenic house plants can be a great option. Remember to keep a few things in mind. .. Check the lighting requirements. Depending on the room and desired placement of yourContinue reading “Cleaning indoor air”

Chronic Pain

Neck pain • Back Pain • IBS pain • shoulder pain Factors contributing to pain and pain perception SittingSitting too long is one of the worst culprits. We often don’t notice until we try to get up and feel all those aches and pains. Ideally the longest anyone should be sitting is one hour. MovingMovingContinue reading “Chronic Pain”

Shifting energy

Seasons changethe winds shiftthe temperature drops Fall begins the transition from Pitta to Vata. With fall breeze, comes the airy energy of Vata. Vata season is dry, changing, cool, and full of creative energy. We may find that this is a good opportunity to shift our mindset, and focus. Vata season can inspire us, andContinue reading “Shifting energy”


Ayurveda is literally translated to mean the science of life. This knowledge of life is more than 5,000 years old and describes ways to stay well emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Practices such as yoga, meditation, herbs, nutrition, and aromatherapy are all incorporated into a persons customized recommendation for health. Yoga is considered to be a sister science of Ayurveda. Knowing your dosha can help determine what practices are good for you.


Mindfulness has become the new buzz word at the water cooler, in business seminars, and everywhere in between. What comes to mind when you think of this concept? In its essence, mindfulness really just means that you have your mind actively focused on what you are doing…. without extraneous thoughts. But what does this reallyContinue reading “Mindfulness”