The most profound thing you can do to lose weight and improve your health

One of the easiest ways to support weight management and healthy metabolism is to sleep!And improve your quality of sleep 😴 🌿😌😌 Sleep affects ….▪️gene expression▪️weight▪️mood▪️productivity▪️libido▪️hormone regulation▪️concentration ✨✨✨One thing to tryIs to reserve your bed forSleep and intimate momentsOnly …. When we train our brains that our bed is not where we work, read, write,Continue reading “The most profound thing you can do to lose weight and improve your health”

Stress management basics

So I suppose that I should start with the basics that everyone knows but often overlooks. Granted they are super basic but we often forget about them because they’re so simple and yet they can wreak havoc when neglected.I often underestimate the power of a regular sleep schedule, nutrition, hydration, and outdoor sunlight. Yet whenContinue reading “Stress management basics”


Ayurveda is literally translated to mean the science of life. This knowledge of life is more than 5,000 years old and describes ways to stay well emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Practices such as yoga, meditation, herbs, nutrition, and aromatherapy are all incorporated into a persons customized recommendation for health. Yoga is considered to be a sister science of Ayurveda. Knowing your dosha can help determine what practices are good for you.