Children at play and Celiac

Children at home and glutenPlay Dough and finger paint are fun activities that many of us grew up with. Come to find out many of these products contain gluten. There are a couple issues with this. First is that this stuff gets everywhere and can cause contamination of surfaces for other family members. The secondContinue reading “Children at play and Celiac”

Celiac Cross Reactivity

When the body acts as though you are eating gluten, when you are not! Proteins are very large molecules, and can sometimes have similar parts as each other. POSSIBLE GLUTEN CROSS-REACTIVE FOODS:amaranth,corn,dairy proteins,millet,oats,potatoes,quinoa,rice,sorghumSource: DR. SARAH BALLANTYNE, PhD“(Note: instant coffee and brewer’s/bak- er’s/nutritional yeast have been identified as gluten cross-reactors in one study but it isContinue reading “Celiac Cross Reactivity”

Foot Reflexology… that’s the foot massage, right?

“As an autoimmune disease person with anxiety issues, I found this profoundly helpful. I also started noticing that my bowels were functioning better and my sinuses drained… getting rid of that constant head pressure and groggy feeling. Can you say…. Ahhhh”

Celiac Cross Reactivity

When the body thinks that you are eating gluten, but you are not. Why would that happen? Gluten is a large protien molecule.  This molecule has similar sections as other protein molecules.  When proteins share sections that have a similar shape, they can result in the same response.  This is super tricky, because not everyoneContinue reading “Celiac Cross Reactivity”