What’s all that racket?

adult book boring face
A little peace and quiet

What do inflammation, cellular malfunctioning, and a lack of creative juices have in common?…

Creativity is born in quiet boredom.  As it turns out a little peace and quiet can do all kinds of things.  I don’t know about you, but I’m super guilty of noise..  I’m a talker.  What’s worse is that when I’m alone I constantly have an audiobook, a podcast, and some lecture playing.  I get into the car, I have a podcast on.  I take a shower or fold laundry, and I’m listening to a book form book club.  As it turns out, this can cause a big rut when it comes to creativity.  What else did I find out recently? Not only does all this incessant chatter stunt my creative juices, but it can also be damaging.


human skull with white background
Aging and chronic disease


Physically damaging at the cellular level!  How?  Funny you should ask.  I’ve been listening to this new audiobook (haha) called The Telomere Effect, by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, and Dr. Elissa Epel.  Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn is a molecular biologist, who in 2009 won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her discovery of telomeres and the key enzyme associated with their functioning.  Dr. Elissa Epel is health psychologist, whose research has focused on obesity, stress, and aging.




“Do one thing at a time, and cut down on the incessant multitasking.”

What have I learned?  Do one thing at a time, and cut down on the incessant multitasking.  Listen to more music, and focus.  Sounds like a mindfulness workshop… but it turns out, there’s really something to all this.  In short, the effects on constant chatter can contribute to inflammation, and cellular malfunctioning.  That being said, there is SO much more to it.

While I have absolutely no affiliation with the book, or authors, here’s a link in case you want to read on… The Telomere Effect



Your Holistic Nurse, Carolee

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