Mindfulness has become the new buzz word at the water cooler, in business seminars, and everywhere in between.  What comes to mind when you think of this concept?  In its essence, mindfulness really just means that you have your mind actively focused on what you are doing…. without extraneous thoughts.

But what does this really mean in everyday life?  When you are reading for example, you are simply experiencing reading.  You are not thinking about what you will do next, or why you are doing what you are doing… you are free from all attachments, and analysis.

Inspiration, Intention, Mindfulness, and Intriguing Articles…

The Law of Intention and Desire
Deepak Chopra

The Law of Detachment, and the wisdom of uncertainty
Deepak Chopra

It Starts With Uncertainty
MARGARET WHEATLEY and PEMA CHÖDRÖN discuss how organizations can acknowledge their confusion and trust in the goodness of the underlying order

Embracing the Unknown: Staying Grounded in Uncertain Times
by Renée Peterson Trudeau

Ayurveda Gunas-Psychological Types

Sacred Stream Foundation
We Can Be Buddhas

Enlightenment Through an Evolutionary Lens
by Diane Hamilton




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