When you think if meditation, what comes to mind?  When I first started meditating,  I thought that meditation meant that you had to try to sit still, in perfect lotus position, and clear your mind of all thought.  I thought that the only way to meditate was to think of nothing.  Well, come to find out, there are as many kinds of meditation as you can think of!  Guided meditation, breath meditation, and mantra meditation are just a few.  Meditation is one of the most profound healing experiences that I have come across.  It is truly life altering.

One place you can start is to sit or lie down somewhere that is comfortable, making sure that you are warm, and have already used the restroom.  Turn off your phone, and tv.  Then set a timer (preferably one that is gentle and not alarming) for 15 minutes.  Get comfortable, and lightly pay attention to your breath.  Feel your breath filling your body with life energy as you breath in, and feel yourself letting go as you breath out.  Allow yourself to sink into the floor (chair) and let it support you.  After a few breaths, you may want to allow your attention to shift away from your breath, and just experience the present moment.  Allowing any conceptualizations, analysis, or thoughts to float away when they present themselves, and coming back into the present moment.

If you have difficulty, don’t worry.  You are not supposed to get it right away.  That’s why it is called a practice.  Just stay with it, and try it every day for 15 to 20 minutes.  If you can do this twice a day, this is ideal.  When a thought comes into your mind, just acknowledge the thought, and let it pass through you like a warm breeze.  It is natural.
Eventually you will find yourself able to disappear into the gap between thoughts.  This is where consciousness is accessed.  In this gap we can connect to our higher selves, our inner knowing, and a place of inner peace, bliss, and tranquility.  When this inner knowledge is cultiviated and combined with fierce compassion we call this enlightenment.  In this space, we are able to step out of Samsara, the realm of suffering.

Deepak Chopra has some great 21 day meditation challenges that are available online, if you feel that you would like some help getting started, or would like to try a guided approach.  He also has a healing meditation and love mediation album that I find particularly helpful.
Guided Meditations
21 day meditations
Primordial Sound Meditation
The Secret of Healing

Meditations by the Foundation of the Sacred Stream
“a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the wisdom of ancient spritual and healing traditions into the consciousness of those interested in being of service in the world”

profound podcasts by the Sacred Stream Foundation

Vasant Lad, B.A.M.S., M.A.Sc.
Empty Bowl Meditation (Kevala Kumbhak)

The Ghanta & Dorje
suited for meditation
The use of the Dorje & Ghanta together symbolize the union of wisdom and compassion, which is enlightenment.

Practices Derived from Buddhist Meditation Show Real Effectiveness for Certain Health Problems

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Our hope is to serve you on your journey, as a trusted resource and promote holistic health and wellness for the mind, body, and spirit. We honor your commitment to a new level of consciousness and better planet, and ask that you help us by letting us know how we can improve. ~Namaste~ 🌱 About the Carolee Critical Care Nurse, and Holistic Practitioner, with Celiac Disease, passionate about women’s health, gut health, and thriving with autoimmune. Specializing in stress management and AIP.

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