Cleaning indoor air

As the season changes we spend more time indoors.

It is important to be mindful of the quality of the air that we are breathing. Hypoallergenic house plants can be a great option. Remember to keep a few things in mind. ..

Check the lighting requirements. Depending on the room and desired placement of your plant, you might need to either pick a low light, direct light, or indirect light plant. If you have a specific plant in mind, make sure to place it appropriately.

Check the maintenance requirements. Some plants require more TLC than others. Succulents are known for being low key. Other plants are notoriously finicky and might not be best for beginners.

Where to buy… depending on your location, visiting a near by nursery or plant shop might be the best option. They can assist you in choosing the right fit. If that does not sound ideal, you can purchase plenty of live plants right on amazon and they can be delivered to your door.

Plants known for air quality?

  • Snake Plant
  • Dracaena (not pet friendly)
  • Aloe Vera
  • Spider Plant
  • English Ivy
  • Areca palms

Published by Your Holistic Nurse at HolisticRI

Our hope is to serve you on your journey, as a trusted resource and promote holistic health and wellness for the mind, body, and spirit. We honor your commitment to a new level of consciousness and better planet, and ask that you help us by letting us know how we can improve. ~Namaste~ 🌱 About the Carolee Critical Care Nurse, and Holistic Practitioner, with Celiac Disease, passionate about women’s health, gut health, and thriving with autoimmune. Specializing in stress management and AIP.

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