The Two Sided Skin Story


Adventures in rosacea, eczema, and even a little DH (Celiac Dermatitis Herpetiformis)

I have dealt with a lot of skin issues. After visits to dermatology, functional medicine, immunology, conducting my own research, and a little experimentation, I have settled on a two sided healing approach. This means that I changed what I put on my skin, but I also changed what I put in my mouth.  Let me explain… 

First I stopped using common irritants like laundry detergent with fragrance, dryer sheets, and perfumes. I also made sure to stop using baby wipes, hand sanitizer and stuff that doesn’t get washed off whenever avoidable.  Any cleanser or detergent that doesn’t wash off can be very irritating to the skin.  There have been multiple concerns raised in regards to baby wipes and skin (epithelial) integrity.  I lastly  made sure to use GF (gluten free) lotion/sunscreen etc. This is only because I have celiac… and I can’t confidently say that none of my lotion ends up in my mouth… especially being a “hands on”, wing eating kind of person. Click here for Wiggle Room (nobody’s perfect)


“Any cleanser or detergent that doesn’t wash off can be very irritating to the skin.”


Skin starts from within.  For this reason I also focused on intestinal healing.  For me this meant a strictly healthy diet, and no eating out!

school of fish

My mornings start with bone broth on an empty stomach, prescribed probiotics, and lots of nutrient-dense foods like sardines. This is when I really started to notice big changes.

Did you know that your skin and your intestines have a very close relationship?  Sounds odd… but when you think about an allergic reaction, most people picture hives. To me, this is a great illustration of how the intestines and skin interact. Interestingly the exact same type of cells line the inside of your skin, throat, intestines, and blood vessels. They create the barrier between the environment, and your insides.  They are tightly packed cells called epithelial cells that selectively allow some things to pass through, and are our first line of defense against the outside world.  (More on intestines, and your GI tract, and intestinal permeability coming up next post!)


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Meditation and Breath Work

It took a long time but my skin is a million times better.  Things stayed better by managing my stress and inflammation.  My favorite ways to manage stress are breathing exercises, exercise, sleep, and of course reflexology. I also have been taking a food based antioxidant supplement, and stying away from NSAIDS whenever possible.




Your Holistic Nurse, Carolee


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