Wiggle Room (because nobody’s perfect)

Want to cheat.. or just simply can’t live without?

Baby Wipes
Hand Sanitizer

selective focus photo of bottle with cork lid

Here’s the compromise I’ve made… I am not into phthalates, however sometimes I like to wear perfume.  Brands I indulge in when I really want perfume; Phlur and Skylar.  Both are gluten free! Did you know that inhaling gluten is something Celiacs have to worry about?! Oy! In my personal opinion they seem to be the safest on the market.  Please comment if you have something better! I’m always open to read!

Wipes and more?
From what I’ve learned the way that wipes work ie. cleaning without the action of creating bubbles that are rinsed away.. and essentially anything that “washes” without rinsing isn’t ideal.  Sometimes you just need something? I use Seventh Generation in a pinch.  As far as sanitizer… I like EO everyone.  It smells good, and is certified GF… super important for the hands, and everything I am touching!

black and brown brush on saucer
Fun with essential oils


Another cheat I love? Making my own “Febreeze“.  That stuff is the worst! I like to make my own fresh smelling spray bottle with some GF (gluten free) essential oils blends like lavender, orange, and chamomile. .. but play around and make your own fun blend.  An uplifting one might have lemongrass in it.  A calming one for linens could have lavender, and ylang-ylang.  Have fun!





Your Holistic Nurse, Carolee







I have no affiliation with the companies mentioned above

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